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The beauty of low-investment businesses is that they are kind of a springboard into the world of entrepreneurship. Here are some ideas to get you started, depending on your skillset and interests:

Service-based businesses:

  • Freelance work: If you have a marketable skill like writing, graphic design, or coding, you can offer your services on freelance platforms.
  • Consulting: Do you have specific industry knowledge? Package your expertise and become a consultant.
  • Virtual Assistant: Businesses can always use a little extra help. Become a virtual assistant and manage their social media, emails or schedules.

Product-based businesses:

  • E-commerce: Start a low-overhead online store using dropshipping, where a third party warehouses and ships your products.
  • Handmade Crafts: If you’re crafty, sell your creations online or at local craft fairs.

Online Businesses:

  • Blogging/Vlogging: Share your knowledge or passion through a blog or vlog and monetize it with advertising or affiliate marketing.
  • Digital Courses: Create and sell online courses on a subject you’re an expert in.

Remember, even low-investment businesses require some planning and effort. Do your market research, identify you.

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